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Friday, September 21, 2018



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Watch "Attitude" on YouTube

LA duo Dana and the Wolf are back with another tantalizing new video that deals with the struggle of the working class hero.

The song was officially released in December 2016, reaching #29 on Spotify's US Viral 50 after premiering on The Huffington Post, who claimed "The entire music industry has been shaken upside down with the duo charging the front line full speed ahead."


Social media startup Vero began sponsoring the project in May, giving the duo (who incidentally went to film school together) full creative freedom in directing their own music videos:

"Turns out four years of film school wasn’t a waste. Life has taken so many turns, we never thought we would be directing videos to our own songs," says producer Daniel Wolf. 


Of the song, singer Dana Hobson says, "A lot of jobs are means to an end, especially for us in the creative world. The last thing you want is a boss with a superiority complex.”  Hobson spent almost a decade working in retail, Wolf working as a waiter. 

The duo has recently topped the Hype Machine charts, been featured on multiple Spotify New Music Fridays, Apple's Best of the Week, and Jason Kramer's show on KCRW. You can expect more music and videos from DATW in the coming months.

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