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Attitude - Billboard Premiere

Modern Midas - Atwood Magazine Premiere

Lie to Me- CLASH Premiere

-The Huffington Post

"Dana And The Wolf are the rebellious and fearless leaders that we have been waiting for. The entire music industry has been shaken upside down with the duo charging the front line full speed ahead."

the juice

-The duo has been played on KCRW,

topped the Hype Machine charts,

reached #29 on Spotify's US Viral 50

and featured on several of Spotify's

New Music Fridays and Apple's Best of the Week playlists 

-They received praise from Billboard, Clash Magazine, Atwood Magazine, Music Connection, The Huffington Post, Earmilk, Variance Magazine, Buzzbands LA, The 405, Ones to Watch, and many more

-Social media startup Vero began sponsoring the project in May, giving the duo (who incidentally went to film school together) full creative freedom in directing their own music videos

-They receive high engagement from fans, averaging 13% per post from their 8K Instagram followers, according to People Map

-Over 600,000 streams on Spotify

the goods

to be released in first half of 2019

a single campaign

In the current musical landscape, an act needs the flexibility to pivot based on its current success. We'd like to see our singles in the 7 digits before releasing an EP. We also won't be playing shows until this happens, as we aren't interested in cashing in on a medium-sized amount of plays.


If the first 2 singles have millions of plays, the move will be to drop the EP. If they stay somewhere in the 100K-500K range, another single (and Vero funded video) will be needed to add to the momentum.

After each video is created with Vero, Influencia will go to work exploiting this on social media. Repurposed content targeted to large niche audiences, creative collaborations with influencers, and Spotify playlist pitching will all help to make a huge dent in the industry for Little Assembly and DATW.

TOTAL: $15K Per Single for Marketing

The Breakdown: 

$2,500 = Pitches to Spotify Independent themed playlists, Artist playlists, and Spotify official curators.

$7,500 = Influencer campaigns on IG, Facebook, and Twitter, meme accounts, parody accounts, comedians, actors, dancers, and models. This takes the bulk of the spending, as one crucial post can cost thousands of dollars. 

$5,000 = Advertising:

-As you know, we have had killer CPC rates and a great follower ROI using Instagram Stories Ads, but the audience is mainly in Ukraine, Russia, and Brazil because of the cheaper costs that we could afford. However, our most responsive audience is actually in the USA and Canada. Based on Spotify Insights, we'd like to expand to the countries that respond best to our music, which will cost a bit more.

How Little Assembly Recoups from dropping $15K/Single

Current Releases 

Little Assembly still retains 7 songs already signed over, all of which will continue to make money after future ones gain in popularity. 


L.A. receives 33% after recouping (same deal as before). One good sync can cover this $15K cost. Influencia is already making several connections for War Road Management and is willing to pitch, as is Sapphire Music, and Little Assembly still retains their cut. 

Ticket Sales 

-Little Assembly takes 33% of ticket sales, until all money recouped. They will be looped in on all future show deals until debt is paid off.



-Little Assembly takes 33% of merch, until all money recouped. 

2.5M Streams= $15k (at $.006/stream)

Little Assembly keeps same deal as before, getting 33% of the masters, after recouping all money spent on the campaign. 

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