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Wednesday, November 28, 2018



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Watch "Him" on YouTube

"It looks like I'm sexually submitting to God," says singer Dana Hobson. The one-shot "Him" lyric video displays Hobson having second thoughts while praying on her knees. Unlike regular cheesy lyric videos, the overlaying text plays a pivotal roll in illustrating the bigger picture. 

Dana and the Wolf have both had their struggles with organized religion; Daniel wrote this song about his escape from Judaism, while having in mind that Dana's heart had also been broken by a religious extremist. 

“You could relate it to a toxic relationship with a man, but it could also be a toxic relationship with organized religion,” Hobson explains. 

Hot off their Billboard premiere for their bangin' "Attitude" video, DATW has decided to release more videos for songs already out after partnering with sponsor Vero. The couple, who originally met at film school, has complete directorial control over their new content.  


"Him" was officially released in December 2017, topping the Hype Machine charts,  being spun on KCRW and premiering on multiple international Spotify New Music Fridays, and Apple's Best of the Week playlists. You can expect more music and videos from DATW in the coming months.

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