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The following options are budgeted for the year of 2019. Doesn’t include tour support, which can be from $50K-$150K, and may be necessary down the line. Also doesn’t include radio support, which is more about major label connections. The most significant portion of the budget goes towards digital marketing, for which a full breakdown can be requested.


With more videos, chances for virality increases, but certain services will need to be outsourced.

Advance for Living Expenses: $60K

6 Music Videos: $60K ($10K x 6 videos)

Digital Marketing: $120K ($20K x 6 videos)

Artwork/Photoshoots: $3K (for 6-8 singles)

PR: $24K (for 12-14 assets)

Remixes and Features: $10K

TOTAL: $277K



With fewer videos, the duo can still release 6-8 tracks, but milks the 4 strongest marketing campaigns for longer.


Advance for Living Expenses: $60K

4 Music Videos: $40K  ($10K x 4 videos)

Artwork/Photoshoots: $3K (for 6-8 singles)

Digital Marketing: $60K ($15K x 4 Videos)

Remixes and Features: $10K

TOTAL: $173K

Note: More songs are currently being polished.

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