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There are two important ways in which DATW would like the freedom to adapt during the course of the year. One is pivoting from releasing singles to releasing an EP, and the other is switching up their digital marketing spend.

Digital Marketing Types:


Influencer Marketing

Collaborating creatively with high profile Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube stars to spread organic awareness about the song or video. Meme accounts, parody accounts, comedians, actors, dancers, models and Youtube Reaction Videos are some examples.


Youtube Video Playlisting

Networks that create playlists of music videos.


Spotify Playlisting

Besides pitching the track directly to Spotify Official Curators, 3rd party companies with connections to Independent Playlists can help give the track a significant boost.



Most of DATW’s Instagram following has been built off of Instagram Stories Ads. These are highly targeted ads that result in highly engaged fans around the world. As a “double whammy”, these link to Youtube, and also account for most of their following there.

Singles vs. EP

-If a single becomes a hit (over 10M plays on Spotify), the move is to then prepare for releasing a body of work that these new fans can enjoy (an EP). The more singles released, the more chances of hitting this goal. This is why it’s important to not set the whole year’s plan in stone in this regard. This also means that if a single takes off that didn’t have a video, one may be in order to capitalize fully.


Digital Marketing

-In order to legitimize Vero Music and DATW, ample spending needs to be applied to it’s competitor platforms (Instagram, Youtube, etc.). Part of building up the “brand” means Dana and the Wolf are everywhere, but you can discover their videos first on Vero, along with book, music, film, etc. recommendations, especially since DATW has more posts on Vero than any other social platform.


In digital marketing, you pour more gasoline on what’s working. If the meme content developed for a song is going viral, the rest of the budget may be used towards this, instead of continuing the Twitter campaign, etc.

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